Анна Плетнёва объявила об уходе из группы «Винтаж»
The singer intends to start with a clean slate.

Anna Pletneva

Photo: Instagram.com

In the life of Anna Pletneva big changes are coming. From the latest news about the actress became known that the singer has decided to start with a clean slate. As it turned out, the singer became leaves for her home group “Vintage”. Anna intends in the near future to pursue a solo career.

“I woke up one day and realized that I need to change something in your life. I was a soloist with the group for almost seven years, and now I need new experiences and a new period in life. Very soon we with producer Alexei Romanov will present new soloists team!” — quoted Pletnev Life.

Among other things, radically change the habitual way Anna does not intend, however, some change is expected. While the producers choose the new singers of the popular group, Pletnev will continue performances in the group. No scandal, according to the singer, her care is not necessary. During the joint work in a musical group formed friendly relations.

By the way, finally, very soon, Anna will premiere the latest video of “Vintage” with her. Representatives of the group “Vintage” has told 7days.ru that new video will be released in September and already fans will be able to appreciate the song and the clip. “Each clip is a small birth — admitted Pletnev. — Baby wait for September.”

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