Леонардо Ди Каприо попал в автомобильную аварию
The actor once again managed to cheat fate.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Nina Agdal

Photo: Instagram.com

It seems that 41-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio is the real “lucky”.
As it became known, yesterday the actor once again managed to escape from serious danger.
As reported by the Internet portal page six, Leo, who was in a car accident
managed to get off with only easy fright.

As it became known, in the car, in which the actor was traveling with
his girlfriend, whom he started Dating during the summer beautiful model Nina
Agdal, suddenly hit the back of the Mini Cooper the other driver. And although the car Leo
the order was dented, neither the actor nor his friend was hurt. In
anyway, the doctors called to the scene of the accident Ambulance, examined, Di
Caprio, found no injuries except for light injuries.

Friends believe that Leo probably destined to live years
90. Because he regularly gets into dangerous situations, but
remains unharmed. One day, as told by the actor, it almost
do not eat shark. He would then admire off the coast of Africa huge fishes
from special cells, but the sea monster managed to break the bars. In another
times exploded one of the engines of the aircraft, which flew DiCaprio. Although
the plane caught fire, the pilot still managed to land it in the water. And the third time Leo
decided to jump with a parachute from the aircraft accompanied by an instructor, but their main
the dome never opened. However, while they fell, the instructor, by some miracle
managed to untangle the straps and open the parachute. So the landing was almost

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