Ученице Аллы Пугачевой предстоит сложная операция в Финляндии For the finalists of the project “factor a” fans gathered fifty thousand euros. Singer Yulia Samoylova, the wheelchair, asked for help in fundraising through social networks. The amount was collected in just two weeks. “It remains the case for small – to undergo surgery and return with new forces!”, – upbeat favorite Diva.

      Fans of the project “factor a” remember a talented member of the cast Julia Samoylova. Inimitable voice fragile girl going on stage in a wheelchair, did not leave anyone indifferent. Julia Samoylova was a favorite of Alla Pugacheva, Chairman of the jury and chief mentor of the project. The diva did not conceal that Julia is one of her favorite girls on the show.

      Alla Pugacheva returns the great-nephew of father

      To a wheelchair 27-year-old girl chained since childhood to the consequences of incorrectly vaccinated. Not long ago, Julia Samoylova passed serious examination, and experts have advised her to do the expensive operation. The question price – 50 thousand euros. For help, the singer has decided to appeal to the fans.

      “I’m preparing for serious surgery in Finland. If it is not done, then in 3-5 years there may be complications on the lungs and heart, and there is already no what to sing, breathing is difficult. Surgery will not put me on my feet, but I can sit straighter and my organs will be easier to operate. I’m scared, but I made the decision and ask all the people I care about support me and translate as much as you can,” wrote Julia in the microblog.

      Users responded to her request immediately, and after two weeks on account Samoilova was the required amount. The money will be spent on the operation and follow-up rehabilitation.

      “I thank everyone who was not indifferent to my problem! I didn’t expect so many people to respond, and today we have gathered the necessary amount. It remains the case for small – to undergo surgery and return with new forces! Thank you friends, without you it wouldn’t work!”, – Julia thanked everyone who responded to her call for help.

      In October, the finalist of the “Factor A” will go to Finland. The operation it will be difficult. The singer will spend under anesthesia about ten o’clock, then six months it will take to restore. Julia Samoylova is optimistic and hopes that all goes well and the rehabilitation period is not as long as predicted by the doctors. And she will be back on stage.

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