Anna Mikhalkov showed matured sons

Анна Михалкова показала возмужавших сыновей
The actress spoke about how her children grow.

The sons of Anna Mikhalkova Sergey and Andrey

Photo: @Instagram anikiti4na Anna Mikhalkova

Two days in a row in the house of Anna Mikhalkova was a festive atmosphere. It so happened that her two sons, Andrei and Sergei were born with a difference one year and one day. Each of them in the day of his birth, besides other valuable gifts, received from his mom a touching congratulation in social networks.

Anna showed portraits of favorite grown-up boys and told that they grow absolutely each other do not like. Andrew, according to Mikhalkov, growing more rational, than a younger brother. “My love is not waning for a second. My hard drugs… my friend and comrade!I admire your thinking, I love your humor, I hate your ability to convincingly defend until you’re blue his point of view! My dad is very proud of you! All efforts are not in vain… just be happy! Go your way, and we’re always here!”

Sergei had inherited from his mother a creative component. That’s just it gives Anna a lot of trouble. “Complex, controversial, talented, my sweet little Prince! — Mikhalkov refers to son. — You are a man who invented his own world. We are sometimes crazy hard to get, I’m angry that this world does not fit into the framework of everyday life, But daddy and I try to respect it and not destroy! I wish you new victories, first over yourself!”