Victoria Dayneko dismissal of a nanny: “I am shocked by human nature!”

Виктория Дайнеко об увольнении няни: «Я в шоке от человеческой сущности!»
The singer has lost the power of speech from act assistant.

Victoria Dayneko

Photo: @victoriadaineko (Instagram Victoria Dayneko)

Victoria Dayneko again in search of a good nanny. With the previous assistant to care for her daughter, the actress apparently broke up, to put it mildly, are not on the most positive note. 29-year-old singer did not disclose details of the scandal with the nanny, but admitted that it was unpleasantly shocked by the action.

“Actually, I’m shocked by human nature sometimes… just no words!” commented Victoria. The singer once again asked the fans to suggest a phone number really good.

However, Daineko, according to the fans, too excessive demands to the nurse. Perhaps that is why she has no relations with the staff. “Find a babysitter is harder than finding a life partner. I’m just desperate and don’t know when I met the most perfect Mary Poppins — complained Victoria. And the recommendations of friends and even agencies do not help. It’s the same as watching the guy through friends of friends or on a Dating site. Everything seems fine, but not that. I believe that couples in the family planning centres need to first pick the perfect nanny, and then children do!”

We will remind that not so long ago Victoria has announced the departure of Dmitry Kleiman, her husband and father of her only child, whose name is classified.