Anastasia Reshetova horrified by the story of the bouts of bulimia

Анастасия Решетова ужаснула рассказом о приступах булимии
Beloved Timati acquired an unpleasant experience.

Anastasia Reshetova

Photo: @volkonskaya.reshetova Instagram

Anastasia Reshetova, model, and beloved Timothy, has over a million followers on Instagram and is a role model for today’s youth. A lot of the girl starred in a candid photoshoot, so balanced feeds and a lot of time on sports. But it was not always so. Some time ago, Anastasia was extremely important her weight: the lower the better. As a result, in the pursuit of beauty Reshetova worked myself into bulimia…

The main failure of the model occurred during a trip to France. At the time, she sat on a strict diet and not allowed himself too much. “I had to try a little piece, and my body like crazy. I ate another and another, unable to stop. That evening, some few hours, I literally ate two main dishes, several appetizers, a whole pizza and five desserts. The next day I was just beating myself, I specifically caused the vomiting, that in any case, calories eaten, not deposited in my body…” — says Reshetov in his book “Today I woke up different.” Then Anastasia happened sudden weight. She was able to lose 8 pounds in a couple of months. However, she was still dissatisfied with their appearance.

The model recognizes that decided to share my unpleasant experience with the world in order to warn young beauties from such errors.