Anna matison about the relationship with Bezrukov: “As Sergei said, so be it!”

Анна Матисон об отношениях с Безруковым: «Как Сережа сказал, так и будет!»
Pregnant wife of actor and Director opened the family secrets.

Sergei Bezrukov and Anna matison

Photo: pants Berwich, Philip potters. On Sergei’s shirt Hugo Boss, Anna pants MaxMara, sweater Max&Co

Anna matison in an interview with Cosmopolitan admitted that she and Sergey Bezrukov
the Patriarchal family. According to the Director, all the commands from it
to hear remain exclusively on the set.

“Do not forget that the shooting lasted one and a half
months. The rest of the time as Sergei said, so be it. Just kidding, of course, we all
discuss. In fact, I feel comfortable that the husband makes all the decisions that he
the main man in my life. For me it is absolutely natural,” says

Mathison believes that she is very lucky. The girl is not
you have to work to deal with the dismissive attitude of fellow men.
She managed to ensure that representatives of all professions are not divided by

“Men are also experiencing difficulties in finding work
says Mathison. On the contrary, in our Patriarchal country like times man
worse to be unemployed, because he should be responsible for family.”

Recall that in late may it became known that Sergei and Anna are getting ready in
the second time to become parents. When it is a baby, the couple kept in
secret. Daughter of matison and Bezrukova Mache in July will be two years.

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