A new love has forced Kylie Minogue to reconsider the attitude to marriage

Новая любовь заставила Кайли Миноуг пересмотреть отношение к замужеству
50-year-old singer is ready to marry again.

Новая любовь заставила Кайли Миноуг пересмотреть отношение к замужеству

Kylie Minogue

Photo: Instagram @kylieminogue

Kylie Minogue recently celebrated the 50th day
birth, admitted that she now felt truly happy. “My
life was not even slightly, but significantly better! Everything is so good
I only could wish!” —
said Kylie.

The mood of the singer is easily explained: now, after
protracted streak in his personal life, she finally all is well. Minogue
found a new favorite man in the face
boyfriend Paul Solomons. This novel
forced her to change her attitude towards the possibility of marriage. If not so
long Minogue categorically stated that marriage is definitely not for her,
now she reconsidered her position. “Maybe I
married. Don’t want to promise!” —
said Kylie.

The novel, which had such a strong influence, began in February this year. However, until April
Minogue and the Solomons managed to hide their relationship. Last month Kylie has finally unveiled their
relationship. She invited Paul to a party in honor of his birthday,
held at the club The Chiltern Firehouse. The next day, Kylie shared with fans of romantic black-and-white
the photo, which was captured her
kiss with the Floor.

Now you can with complete confidence claim that Minogue
fully recover after the collapse of her love story with Joshua Sasse. Kylie,
which canceled already scheduled wedding with Joshua after I caught him
cheating, went through after the breakup with my ex-fiancé a nervous
breakdown. Fortunately, work and a new love helped her forget about the drama.

Photo: Instagram @kylieminogue

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