Anna Masalskoe will undergo surgery after massive crash

Анне Масальской предстоит операция после массового ДТП The actress was seriously injured in the accident. The star of the show “Trace” was in the hospital after she was run down by the taxi car. The incident occurred in the South-East of Moscow. Masalskoe in addition, another nine people were hospitalized.

      Анне Масальской предстоит операция после массового ДТП

      Russian actress Anna Masalsky has become one of the victims in an accident involving a taxi. The woman was standing at the bus stop after shopping in the shopping center “City”, located in the South-East of Moscow. According to star of the TV series “Sled”, she was about to sit down in the tram, when the incident occurred.

      “We were all back to the road, turning towards the approaching tram. Hearing the scream, I managed to turn sideways and barely saw a rushing car. On impact, I flew off to the side, and someone fell under the wheels. It was scary,” said Anna about the accident.

      The driver of a car lost control, which caused a serious accident. According to some reports, the car of Skoda brand first collided with another vehicle and then took off on the tram stop. According to some reports, the accident occurred near the house 7a Road Enthusiasts, involved six cars. As reported in the evening traffic towards the city center was blocked by two lanes from four.

      As it became known after a medical examination, Masalskoe was diagnosed with a shoulder fracture with displacement. The actress was sent in scientific research Institute of emergency care. N. In. Sklifosofskiy. She will undergo surgery. Usually, medical intervention will help to eliminate the offset joint. It is likely that the shoulder will be installed the design of the pins, fixing fragments.

      According to the Department of health capital, in the accident on the South-East of the capital in the total amount of suffered eleven people, including one child 14 years of age. Ten people were taken to hospitals in the city. One of the injured medical assistance was provided on the spot, and he refused hospitalization.

      As reported the driver of the cab a month ago, has already violated traffic rules. Male has left on an oncoming lane and crashed the car. The damage cost about 200 thousand rubles. Investigating authorities are checking on yesterday’s accident.

      Recall that Anne Masalsky known to the Russian audience for his roles in the films “Sklifosovsky”, “Easy to trace”, “the Prosecutor’s check”. Basically, the actress played in the episodes, but bright appearance memorable to fans of the series.