Sudden death of stars “the Voice” could provoke the fault of doctors

Внезапную смерть звезды «Голоса» могла спровоцировать ошибка врачей The death star of “the Voice” was a complete surprise to his family and friends. The representative of the artist Yuri Denisov told reporters that the actions of the medical professionals who treated Davidian shortly before his departure from life, causing him a lot of questions. According to men, the cause of the incident became clear in the Prosecutor’s office.

      On Sunday morning died the participant of “the Voice” Andrey Davidyan. 60-year-old man died from cardiac arrest. The representative of the artist Yuri Denisov told reporters that the death of the Davidian came as a surprise to his family. He also revealed that the deterioration of the health status of the star could be associated with the actions of the doctors. Recall that the first Davidian ended up in the hospital in connection with the attack of appendicitis, it happened three weeks ago. The doctors gave him two operations under General anesthesia. After the singer began to recover after the intervention of medical specialists, he had an ischemic stroke, and was hospitalized again. Three days Davidyan has been in a coma, and then died.

      Action cause the representative of the artist many questions. Denisov did not understand why Davidyan, did sparing anesthesia that older people tolerate better. The operation to remove the Appendix and could cause deterioration of the stars, said the man.

      “We will find out why in this advanced age, the doctors did not apply to him, for example, sparing anesthesia. After surgery, Andrew worried about the pain, so the doctors made him more cleaning. He had to go to Riga for a few days. And suddenly the fifth of November he suffered a stroke. It was urgently hospitalized at the Botkin hospital. Doctors diagnosed an ischemic stroke. It is a few days spent in intensive care. Came to. We visited him, he is with us even talk, but it’s very “floated” every word was hard. Unfortunately, his condition deteriorated — he was in a coma,” — said Yuri Denisov media representatives.

      Later the representative of the Davidian told reporters that the sudden death of the stars of “the Voice” interested in the city Prosecutor’s office.

      Andrey Davidyan was one of the brightest and most charismatic participants of the project “Voice” channel. At different times Davidian worked with Zhanna Aguzarova, Alexander Gradsky groups “Leap year”, “Rock-Atelier” and many other musicians. That singer went into a coma, it became known in the night from Saturday to Sunday. Recent days, the star of “the Voice” was connected to the ventilator, said the representative of the contractor

      Friends and relatives Davidian remember the past life of the artist. “I can’t believe today we have lost such a person, musician, singer. Was on the road in Essentuki and saw his poster. Heart ache will never forget it”, – said Lubov Uspenskaya in “Instagram”. “He wasn’t afraid of anything and being unrealistic magnitude star with his huge fan club went to “the Voice.” Such people are born once in a thousand years, and so sorry that he is no more… Andrew, how so. The Kingdom of heaven truly kind man, who gave emotions, sun and true love”, a post made in his microblog Anna Goroga.

      “Dead artist, a musician, a wonderful, whole person. Andrey Davidyan. Grief of relatives and friends. And all of us, colleagues and friends, acquaintances and viewers. We, who valued and listened to. Rest in peace, our dear and unique,” wrote Leonid Agutin in his microblog.