Olga Buzova tries to reconcile with her husband through the mother-in-law

Ольга Бузова пытается помириться с мужем через свекровь Celebrity wants to keep the family together. Buzova recently arranged for the mother of his wife Olga Alexandrovna trip to the beauty salon. Leading TV project “Dom-2” has taken care to ensure that the woman received the best service.

      Ольга Бузова пытается помириться с мужем через свекровь

      Scandalous parting 30-year-old presenter “House-2” with a 29-year-old footballer Dmitry Tarasov made a lot of noise. For two weeks fans of the couple wondered: reconciled or not. The first step towards made Buzova. Last week on the set of “House-2” Olga reappeared with a wedding ring. In addition, the star tries to maintain a close relationship with her mother in law. A few days ago, she enrolled her in a beauty salon Bella Potemkina Beauty.

      “Olga called in advance to Dima’s mother, met, gave her the painting, says “StarHit” Bella Potemkina. – Didn’t see the person who experiences more than her, for the mother-in-law. Every hour I wrote, asking her if she likes. Asked here: “Invite Olga Alexandrovna of champagne, a Cup of tea, she’s shy!” Olya always to Dima’s mom is trying to arrange a holiday, eating flowers. Say a man chooses a woman, like my mother. And this is the case. I hope Olga will bring the boys”.
      Ольга Бузова пытается помириться с мужем через свекровь

      The presenter supports her mother Irene, sister Anna and friends. Last week one of them she left for a vacation in Spain. By the way, holidays at Buzova and Tarasova has long been planned.

      “The guys have purchased an expensive ticket to the Maldives, told the “StarHit” surrounded by couples. – It would be a shame if he will spend long-awaited vacation in another company. Olga was waiting for this voyage.”

      Apparently, Dmitry Tarasov put up with his wife is not going. Last weekend, the athlete allowed himself a careless remark about the once-beloved. Dmitry Tarasov publicly humiliated Olga Buzova. When in a social network “Instagram” to the man asked about his opinion regarding the health of Olga ( the star was off on vacation crying, and the footage leaked – Approx. “StarHit”), he reacted very sharply. “Is she crying? I think I drank a lot,” said the player. Needless to say, what a wave of condemnation caused this response. Tarasov was criticized for a lack of tact and even created the hashtag #tarsonemid became popular.