Anna Lee: “we Have a new baby in the family!”

Анна Хилькевич: «У нас пополнение в семье!»
The actress told fans the happy news.

Photo: Instagram

Anna Khilkevich told about the long-awaited addition to your family. However, it is not about which everyone is expecting (including herself). Two weeks before the birth, the actress received a gift from her beloved husband a luxury car, worth more than 4 million rubles. Before Anya went about the same jeep, but the black in the previous body.

“The completion of our family, literally and figuratively, says Lee. — “Washed” black car received a white. It was love at first sight!”

In the showroom, the actress came with her family. To the last she didn’t know what kind of car and even what color she will be. The car was covered with an awning, and burning with curiosity Anna walked in circles, holding hands stomach.

“Wait, it is too early to give birth!” — said her husband Lee. They all laughed and finally removed the “Cape” with the car. To say that Lee was happy — to say nothing. In addition, the actress was amused that she accidentally wore a dress that is white in tone with your new car.

By the way, it is not only the acquisition of the star of the family in recent months. Lee with her husband and daughter moved into a new apartment.

“It happened not so long ago, but we’ve already moved there and made the repairs. Attached to the floor of the unborn baby: the nursery is painted in neutral tones. While the design is executed in eco-style”, — said the actress