47-year-old Natalia Senchukova showed off a perfect figure in a swimsuit

47-летняя Наталья Сенчукова показала идеальную фигуру в купальнике
The star of the ‘ 90s amazed the fans with his magnificent form.

Photo: Instagram

This year Natalia Senchukova will be 48, but her figure can be the envy of many 20-year-old. The singer posted on her personal blog a bikini and showed how awesome they can look at her age, if you take care of yourself and maintain an active lifestyle. With the growth of 167 cm star for many years keep the weight of 53 kg.

“Of course, there’s genetics affected — I have, as they say, “thin bone”, — says Natalia. But without effort on my part has not done. I always moved a lot and as a child the tourist trade was doing. Even won the Junior level. It is now a “tourist” — winner of the permits in Turkey on system “all inclusive”. In Soviet times, we went Hiking in the mountains with heavy backpacks, the load was huge! I also tried Pilates, gymnastics, aerobics, different dance. And by yoga is not passed, but she started back, so had to quit — it turns out that yoga isn’t for everyone. In the early 90’s when I met Victor (Victor Rybin, the soloist of group “the dune”, the husband of Natalia. — Approx. ed.), frequenting the gym, where he and his friends were doing. I lifted 30 pounds, the muscles were of steel. But the monotonous lessons in a confined space make me bored. Most mine walking at a quick pace interspersed with running. We Dolgoprudny, fortunately, there are places for Jogging. Now we with Victor for 40 minutes alternating brisk walking, Jogging and squats, simple gymnastic exercises. And in any weather and at any time of the year, even in winter. It is better outdoors in the rain to run, than it is stupid to turn the pedals on a stationary bike, which we have, of course, too. The house is only five minutes to podnimat dumbbells to pump up the hands and muscles need to be toned”.

However, one sport for the perfect figure little. Great attention should be paid to nutrition.

“During pregnancy I’m well recovered up to 68 kilograms, — told Senchukova in an interview with the magazine “7 Days”. — Gave birth to Vasya, seven kilograms, immediately took off and then the weight came to a halt. I remember a friend offered to try the then fashionable Thai diet pills, but I was smart enough to refuse. In the end, village on a diet: no sugar, flour, potatoes, and after six to keep his mouth shut. Three weeks left five pounds! I realize now that it really was not a diet, just healthy eating. Hold it still, sometimes making concessions. For example, fried potatoes we with Victor adored, but eat once in six months. Once a week allow myself a muffin or sochnik, but Vitya — chocolate. Only buy pasta from durum wheat and is eaten with vegetables, not proteins. Red meat — beef, pork — long ago replaced by fish, seafood and poultry. Pickles do not eat, only occasionally sauerkraut, which contains a lot of vitamin C”.