Рассел Кроу стал абсолютно неузнаваем
The view of the actor shocked his fans.

Рассел Кроу стал абсолютно неузнаваем

Russell Crowe 2016год


Russell Crowe 2018год


Crowe no longer worry due to the fact that in his spare time, he will annoy the fans. It’s not that they suddenly
stopped hunting for an autograph of their idol. Crowe can now safely
to appear in public: it is almost impossible to know! Hard to believe that this is the same actor who played at the time of the Gladiator

recently, for example, Crowe appeared in Dinaledi, where he spent the whole day, and all this time nobody has noticed. The only one who recognized him, was accidentally caught
here the paparazzi, who documented the actor. Not surprisingly, the actor was able
go unnoticed by fans: his thick and long white beard and an impressive belly, vybirali of his shirt, secured his anonymity.

Lately, Crowe has gained a lot
excess weight. Russell now weighs no less than 140 pounds. He put on so much weight for the filming of the movie “the Boy Erased”, the shooting of which
ended recently. The actor gains weight for a role not for the first time.
So, in 2016, he weighed about 122 kilograms. As
Crowe decided that he needed to achieve such “dimensions” for the filming of the movie “Glorious
guys.” “I wanted to look the complete opposite of Ryan Gosling,
who starred in the same movie. And I did it!” — proudly told then
Crowe. The most insulting that the resounding success of this film did not bring him, but he lost weight
he then painfully long. But just a year later he decided to get fat again,
for the new role.

actor seriously worried about him, because Russell is no longer a youth — this spring
he celebrated his 54th birthday. Such sharp fluctuations in weight is not safe in his
age. Fans of Crowe’s fear that drawing experiments on the body can undermine his health.