Анна Хилькевич худеет во время просмотра телевизора
The actress has discovered a new sport.

Анна Хилькевич худеет во время просмотра телевизора

Anna Khilkevich

Photo: Press service

Anna Khilkevich

Photo: Press service

A leading Russian fitness chain World Class and
popular online cinema Tvzavr launch the unusual format
watching a movie – during a cycle-training
in state of the art galastudio. Tvzavr will show in the Cycle Studio
pictures of winners of the Cannes film festival. Films for training specifically
selected and recommended by famous sinodistillation and leading Sam

Cycle Studio by World Class and
online cinema Tvzavr from July 6 to offer everyone
the new format for active recreation – movie screenings-velosity. Now you can not
only shodien effective cycle training on-the-art simulators Tomahawk,
but to watch on the big screen of galastudio popular movies
winners of the Cannes film festival in the company of friends. For a half hour
quiet, steady work on a stationary bike can burn up to 600 Calories.
You are watching a movie and at the same time become more tough and slender!

The discovery of World Class Cycle in Cinema by Tvzavr
circle of stars and representatives of leading mass media took place on June 28. Among
the participants of the first peloponese was TV presenter Timur Solovyov,
actress Anna Khilkevich, businessman Vladimir Voloshin, bloggers Alexandra
Markina and Masha Dubrovskaya, athlete Aigul Anisimov. Special
were to film distributors and leading Sam Klebanov. Klebanov –
fan of cycle training for many years engaged in the Cycling, a constant
party Amateur racing in Sweden, where he won prizes in

Exactly Sam Klebanov for the purpose of
Cycle Studio selected movies winners of the Cannes film festival, among
which such popular films as “Dipan”, “Boy on
bike”, “the Illusionist”, “Oceans”,
“Mustang”, “a Pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence”,
“A dangerous method”, “Seduced and abandoned”, “Gardens
autumn”, “Class”, “Taxi”, “Black heaven”, “Big
party”, “Ruins of the past” and others. All movies also
you can watch in the cinema online
Tvzavr. Also the Studio will be able to train under
support author new films and blockbusters.

Celebrity guests who attended the event, willingly
share your opinion on a new interesting project.

“A joint project from Tvzavr.ru and World Class is
great, — has shared Anna Khilkevich. It’s great when you can combine business with
useful. The trends of the modern world such training is needed. Very
conveniently goes: while focused on the movie, you kind of forget about the anguish and
the complexities of training. Do the right thing, he chose the Cannes film
festival. I to see something useful, rare.
Direct double the fun – and food for thought, and food for the body”.

“Why not try to combine
training with the movie, supported actress Kirill Tokarev. I
exercise, always pay attention to one thing – you have
depend on what is shown on screens in fitness clubs. At
to me, it is better to have a choice. I even had a story: I once ran
on the track and in parallel watched your favorite movie with Sylvester Stallone, in the end
ran 25 miles and didn’t even notice – so wanted to finish it.

Cannes film festival is a decent choice. If
the film is good, then why not try it. Although some
however, the chamber drama in training I probably would
was not watched. Need something Groovy, then it will effect.”

Partners of the opening was the online store of sports
food lchf.ru the salad “White
The cottage” and water “Serabi”.

Since 6th of July in
the schedule Cycle Studio by World Class will appear
new training Cycle Cinema by Tvzavr. 2 times in
a week, a day of film premieres on Thursday, and every Sunday anyone
may be recorded on film Cycling Studio website or through mobile
the app “World Class personal Cabinet”.

The cost of the training-cinema – 800 p. Each
visitor CycleStudio by World Class get in
gift Vip card with access to online cinema Tvzavr.

The campaign will last throughout the year.

The entry on the website: worldclass.studio cycle-studio

O Cycle Studio by World Class

Cycle Studio is a new, scientifically based approach to Cycling from leading Russian fitness chain. The latest high-tech exercise bikes and interactive system with heart rate monitors make each lesson as effective as possible. Thanks to the big screen each workout, you will go to virtual journey through the picturesque trails or watch the works the plague of cinema. Cycle Studio by World Class is the fitness of the new generation, available to everyone, regardless of the presence of the club card network. The cost 1 of training – from 500 p. the cost of the training-cinema – 800 R.

About Tvzavr

Tvzavr is a large international online cinema legal content. Monthly audience Tvzavr is more than 25 million unique users. The video library consists of more than 40 thousand pieces of content, most of which are available to viewers free of charge. Tvzavr is represented on all platforms: Web, mobile, Smart TV, set-top boxes. Subscription price – 249 rubles. Movies cost from 99 rubles. Tvzavr is the first Russian players entered the international market by launching the app “Russian cinema” on the Smart TV and mobile devices to promote Russian cinema around the world.