Бритни Спирс обижают обвинения в пении под фонограмму

The American singer once again accused that she won’t commit 100 percent and just opens his mouth under a soundtrack. There was this rumor shortly after the broadcast of the Israeli television show during which the host asked her how often she sings live. Spears wants to give the audience the best show that can’t afford to bleat and puffed under incendiary dances, therefore, does not hide that uses the sound recording.

“I thank you for this funny question, but actually I was not laughing. Many really think that I am speaking exclusively to the soundtrack. Usually I use it, but it is not so. I do a lot of dancing while singing, because the audience hears, and my singing, and vocals. I like the accusations hurt because I bust my ass during each of their concert, but they only want to talk about the soundtrack,” said Britney.