Роналду поделился первым фото своих близнецов
Player extremely happy addition to the family.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo: @cristiano Instagram Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo claims that it has never been so
happy: because his family has been joined by two young members. As stated
the footballer, his heart simply overflowing with love.

The fact that he became the father of twins, bred
for him a surrogate mother, Ronaldo confirmed yesterday. Now he has
to please the many millions of their fans by sharing the first photo
their babies. In the photo, which he posted on a social network, football
twins holding hands and just shines with happiness. Interestingly, both children dressed in dresses, so
that you would think that it — girls. But no, Cristiano said that
became the father of two sons. This news, incidentally, has surprised many, because in
information Portuguese edition Correio
da Mahna, a couple of weeks ago first reported the birth
children Ronaldo, he had a son and a daughter.

The birth of children became Cristiano is so important
event that in order to have time with the twins, he temporarily left his
the post of captain of the Portuguese national team. Moreover, he did it in an extremely
crucial moment — the eve of the final matches for the Confederations Cup.

Now Ronaldo will have enough free time
to dedicate it to my family — the twins and seven year old son
Cristiano Junior. Older, by the way, has made for a player surrogate
mother. It happened in 2010. the press Secretary Ronaldo made the following statement:
“According to the contract signed with gave birth to Cristiano-Junior woman
which wished to remain unknown, parental rights completely belong to