Anna Kovalchuk dreams of a second daughter

Анна Ковальчук мечтает о второй дочке “StarHit” back stars in childhood, proposing to write to Santa Claus about it and make a wish. Anna Kovalchuk embraced our idea. The actress asked a nice change not only for themselves and their families, but also for very in need of care: elderly people and homeless animals.

“Santa Claus, can I ask you a magic wand? Will wave, and at my behest will be a great shelter for outdoor cats and dogs. I would set up all class, would build the room to relax, huge dining area with poop bags, bedroom pillows… Jokes aside, I really dream to help animals who have no owners. Another would have created a beautiful home for seniors with all the amenities – a cinema, a dance hall, so they never felt lonely.

I would like to start it in January passing the exam to the daughter Zlata quickly bought it, not waited and endured six months. The men, including her husband and son, I wish to overcome all difficulties bravely with his sword unsheathed. For myself, I would ask little daughter”.