Abraham Russo caught with “Miss Moscow-2017”

Авраама Руссо застукали с «Мисс Москва-2017» The singer, who announced recently that he wants to divorce his wife Morelos, the capital’s party posed with the title of “Miss Moscow-2017” Elizaveta Lopatina. Photos hit the net, and Russo decided to justify it. He stated that he saw the girl for the first time.
Авраама Руссо застукали с «Мисс Москва-2017»

Abraham Russo married an American, Ferdman Morell 12 years ago, the couple has two daughters, Emanuella and Ave Maria. In October 2017 Abraham Russo on TV guests Andrei Malakhov said that he was on the verge of divorce that their family is going through hard times. Despite the fact that the relations of this pair seemed perfect, and difficulties, according to Rousseau, began long ago, and this is because of the distance, because the singer works primarily in Russia, and the family lives in America.

Avraam Russo is preparing to divorce

Andrey Malakhov has decided to personally talk to Morelos and went to new York. For Rousseau, the wife her husband’s statement about the impending divorce came as a complete surprise. Through the TV she turned to her husband with a request to sit down and talk, then demanded child support, and changing his mind, begged of Abraham to return.

Spouse Abraham Russo said about the vile treachery

Russo was still wondering whether to divorce or not. And then the network got the photo, which depicted the singer with the beautiful, winner of the title “Miss Moscow-2017” Elizaveta Lopatina. According to Abraham, he first saw this woman only a minute before this photo was taken.

“I absolutely do not know this “Miss Moscow”. Right at the entrance I was approached by this girl. Called Lisa. Started to say that he loves my songs, that is my fan. In General, what I hear every day many times. Definitely a bright girl. Not just because she was chosen as the winner,” said Russo.

Fans immediately suggested that maybe this beauty became the cause of troubles in the family of Abraham Russo. But the singer denies this version and claims that he saw her first and probably last time. Moreover, Russo expressed that he still hopes to save the marriage and in January is going to America, where you will meet and talk with his wife Morelos.

“Try to convince her to approach this issue not with emotion, but with the mind. I hope we will be able to negotiate to continue our relationship. If that doesn’t work, then I really will have to find himself a new wife,” said Rousseau portal eg.ru.