Milan Kerzhakov first showed her son and told him about the conflict with her husband

Милана Кержакова впервые показала сына и рассказала о конфликтах с мужем Wife of Alexander Kerzhakov does not hide the difficulties encountered in the relationship. After the death of his father Milan Kerzhakov began to quarrel with her lover because of a nervous breakdown. But in the end the couple was able to rediscover the spiritual intimacy.

In 2017 Kerzhakova Milan had to face a real shock – her father died, and it happened when the young woman was in the last stages of pregnancy. The wife of the famous footballer still hard to remember that period. Due to the emotional stress she often quarreled with her lover, and at some point, even thinking about having to leave my family.

“One day I woke up and took a plane ticket to friends in Europe. Left three children, husband, family, work. I got sick of it. At that moment I realized how great a temptation to quit, to forget this nightmare and rebuild their lives. At that moment I strongly felt that I am someone that has to, on the contrary, solitude, and asceticism seemed to me to be only true for the mental health model of existence. So I spent a few days thinking of one, life, to me nothing is binding, except, as it turned out, the fact that I’m really loved. I missed my husband, child, mom, and so I called Sasha,” recalled Kerzhakov.

After that, the young woman decided to go to an Ayurvedic clinic in Germany (Ayurveda – traditional Indian system of medicine. – Ed.) where she helped to cope with depression and a nervous breakdown. Only recently, Milan were able to return to normal life. But sad thoughts still haunt the spouse of a footballer.

The young woman admits that due to severe life-span she had a lot of fights with Alexander. The husband supported his beloved in every possible way, but at some point, and he’s tired of what is happening.

“Sasha wanted to live with his happy wife and newborn son, but instead of tears, apathy. He asked, do I want to spend my life in this vegetable state, and I honestly didn’t want to. I wanted to lie under the blanket. And did not want to portray happiness and search for it cause, I already hated comments in the spirit: we must be able to find a reason for happiness, generate happiness within yourself” – shared Kerzhakov.

Now the couple try to spend more time together. Because saturated work schedules they don’t always get to meet very often, but every meeting turns into a celebration. The young woman admits that she has to seek the services of a babysitter that lives in their house. Active in charity work takes a lot of effort, but Milan still manages to communicate with nine-month-old son Artem. The other day the happy mom shared the first photo of the boy on Instagram.

“Everyone, this is my son, Artem. Now you can fill the millions of photos with him, which has accumulated over nine months,” said Milan.

Fans are struggling to maintain Kerzhakov, after 2017, it was really difficult. However, it is often criticized for appearance, the desire to spend holidays with the child, and other stuff. In an interview for the magazine “Dog” Milan admitted that for a long time does not pay attention to the comments of others. Now, the young woman dreams about is to gain mental strength and happiness.