Anna Khilkevich entered into a state of hypnosis

Анну Хилькевич ввели в состояние гипноза
The actress will take part in the new show of the First channel.

Anna Khilkevich and ISA Bagirov

The first channel is preparing viewers for another incredible
surprise — new show “Stars under
hypnosis,” in which the actors of showbiz and movie will enter into a trance real

This was stated by the Anna Khilkevich, rassekrechen location of the project — the Ostankino television center.

“It’s something
today I entered into hypnosis! — surprised star of “Univer”. — At the
true, and I am just stunned by new sensations! By the way, here
this huge, strong man in the photo next to me — the hypnotist, that is, the hypnology.
In General, today was my first trial on a date with hypnosis, because
that soon on the First channel you’ll see me and other artists in a completely new
and feelings in the “Stars under hypnosis”. Oh, it was

During the trance star will do things
which later shocked them. Of course, before you enter into a trance,
participants of the show to warn about the possible consequences. In addition, casting
selection of participants this time was very hard. All because, as you know,
not everyone is susceptible to hypnosis. Therefore, the session
takes place in three stages. First, the artists are tested on hypnotibility and after
recreate the installation script will ask the presenter during the TV version, and
for the third time, directly in the air.

The press service of the channel holds all the details of the show secret: how the filming process itself, and the names of the participants of the project.