Olga Buzova was justified after the scandal on the Network

Ольга Бузова оправдалась после громкого скандала в Сети
The TV presenter was accused of inhumanity.

Olga Buzova

Photo: @buzova86 (Instagram Olga Buzova)

Fans harshly criticized Olga Buzova:
in a few minutes after she posted in Instagram post c
with condolences to the victims of the explosion in the St. Petersburg metro, she posted advertising points.
Members considered this act the inhuman and hypocritical. Netizens outraged as Buzova dare to earn money in this sad moment. After
the accusations against him, seemed to her unjust, Olga said to the offenders: it is explained that
to help and commiserate, in her opinion, should not online, but in real life.

“Called all my family in St. Petersburg, — said Olga. —
Just arrived at the Church lit candles for peace and for the health of those who
was injured in this inhuman act. My heart breaks from what has happened. People
just went about his business and such. I would also like to say to some people —
you need not grieve on social networks, offending others, and for example, to go to
Church, or to pray for the victims and this is not necessarily to write, you
forced to do this after a huge number of insults in my address…
it is important what is inside us… Be kinder.”