Larissa guzeyeva told me the reason of separation from her husband

Лариса Гузеева назвала причину расставания с мужем
Host of the show “let’s get married” shared a family secret.

Larisa Guzeeva and Igor Bukharov

Photo: “7Days”

Larisa Guzeeva, which has always been
Queen of public intrigue, again gave fans a reason to be busy
disputes. Recently the TV show “let’s get married”, the undisputed leading which she
is, the star casually said that she lives with her husband Igor Buharov.

“Yesterday I
came home very late, and there is only the chickens were not running around and snakes were crawling on
the kitchen — open up Guzeeva. — I asked my daughter Oli: “Why are you so
meet me?” And even cried. And she said, “It’s dad.” I called Igor
— we now live separately — and asked, “Why did you make the mess, when I was

of course, immediately launched a debate, in which delivered the verdict,
what in the life of Larisa Guzeeva will soon begin to “show” “let’s get a divorce”. However
57-year-old presenter, as she often does to hide the context of what was said on the air. It became known later,
she really spent two months separated from spouse, but the reason for that
was not the family discord, and repairs in their country house. At the time of reconstruction,
as admitted Guzeeva, she and her daughter Cherish moved in with son George
because of what is not seen with her husband.