Анна Калашникова: «Никаких измен не было!» Ex-fiancee of Prokhor Chaliapin States that did not betray the beloved. Anna Kalashnikov is convinced that all around her there was a conspiracy of enemies, the consequence of which was the parting with the controversial singer.

      Анна Калашникова: «Никаких измен не было!»

      Anna Kalashnikov could not believe that her family life with Prokhor Chaliapin did not take place. The couple looked absolutely happy when shared with the public the good news about the imminent addition. Upon learning that Anna is pregnant, Prokhorov made his beloved proposal of marriage. However, before the wedding, it never came.

      Anna Kalashnikov is not recognized in connection with other men

      Chaliapin questioned his paternity and did a DNA test. The results of the analysis were announced in the program “Let speak” Andrey Malakhov. It turned out that the singer is not the real father of the baby she bore his fiancee a year ago.

      Anna says that DNA contains an error, because she had no other men, except for Prokhorov. Kalashnikov still believes that justice will prevail, and Chaliapin get back to her.

      “For my part, no cheating was not. I love this man. And I believe that we will still be happy. If we were meant to be together, then we’ll go through all the obstacles that got in the way. I am very worried that Prokhorov is very much affected by other women and not looking in my direction,” – says Kalashnikov.

      Recall that the wedding of the stars to which they are fairly large scale was being prepared, was to be held on may 24. At the celebration were spent millions which might turn to the bride and groom in full because of losses incurred by the organizers.

      Chaliapin and Kalashnikov lost millions because of cancelled wedding

      Interestingly, Anna’s wedding day did not quite an ordinary gesture, which can understand not all of her fans. She came to the registry office one in the day when there would be a celebration. Kalashnikov made it a photo for memory and published it on his page in Instagram.

      By the way, Anna has its own version of the events. According to the ex-bride Chaliapin, in the gap couples to blame zavistniki. “Now comes the fight of his entourage. Friends set him against me. We were a really beautiful couple. And many do not give rest, – continues Anna in an interview to “Prozvezd”. – The present situation – being betrayed by certain people. I am in a state of shock. And that I have a certain claim to Prokhorov. Who do I just not put! I morally very hard. I don’t deserve this”.

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