Сына Валерии ограбили на крупную сумму The trouble with Artemy Shulgin happened in Switzerland. This country is one of the safest in the world. However, the son of the famous singer did not save his expensive property, which was on removable student apartment.

      Сына Валерии ограбили на крупную сумму

      In the family Valeria and Joseph Prigogine was a major nuisance. The eldest son of the singer Artemy Shulgin was robbed. The crime occurred in Switzerland, which is considered one of the safest and most developed countries in the world. 21-year-old young man was about to return to Moscow to find a permanent job. However, the last weeks of his stay in Europe, will now be overshadowed by the trips to the police station and the court.

      It became known that from the student rented apartments Artemis disappeared Rolex watches, the cost kotoroh can reach seven thousand euros – more than half a million rubles. In addition, there were a stolen laptop and money, the accumulation of young men. According to Shulgin, the incident happened last Sunday. However, the disappearance of expensive items star son discovered immediately, but only four days later.

      “Artemy was very upset, because you have stolen an expensive watch that we with Valeria gave him for his 20th birthday. It happened around five in the morning on Sunday in his rented apartment student – shared Iosif Prigozhin. – Actually I also didn’t find out immediately, he didn’t want to talk to us.”
      Сына Валерии ограбили на крупную сумму

      Well-known producer also said in an interview with the newspaper “Life”, he was sorry that such things happen in Switzerland. Prigogine added that recently the same situation happened and a friend of Artemis.

      The eldest son of Valerie brilliantly graduated from the University of Geneva

      We will remind, earlier this month Artemy Shulgin brilliantly completed his studies at the prestigious European University. Son of Valerie became a graduate of the University “Webster” in Geneva, where he studied at two faculties – the programming and Finance. The fact that the young man had dreamed since childhood of becoming a businessman, and seems to be successfully moving towards its cherished goal.

      “My boy, my happiness, brilliantly graduated from the University. Smart, talented, dedicated, diligent, is our parent pride” – shared maternal joy with followers on Instagram, the singer Valeria. Fans of the stars were quick to congratulate her. “For all parents it’s such happy moments! Joy for children – the highest pleasure, true,” “Congratulations, Lera, what a happiness, when our we are pleased,” commented them.

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