Анна Седокова окончательно разорвала отношения с бойфрендом Singer and Sergei Guman not together anymore. According to Anna, it was difficult for her to live in three cities, had to tear his heart apart. The star broke up with her lover about three months ago, but has not talked about it to the public.

      Анна Седокова окончательно разорвала отношения с бойфрендом

      Anna Sedokova broke up with her lover, the choreographer Sergei Humana. Previously, the gap of the pair was rumored. On the eve of the singer personally announced in his microblog that their relationship came to an end.

      “I find it very difficult to live in three cities. I find it difficult to tear your heart apart. Torn between love, children and work, from the me remains very little. We broke up. It’s true. In my heart will always be our music. Love lives three years. She lives forever,” wrote Sedokova on the page in a social network.
      Анна Седокова окончательно разорвала отношения с бойфрендом

      Information about the breakup of Anna and her lover confirmed and girlfriend girls. The couple broke up about three months ago. Sedokova and Guman went without offense to each other and kept warm relations.

      We will remind, that Anna and Sergey met at the filming of the video “Heart in bandages”. Guman the plot played the role of the beloved singer. Gradually the young people began a passionate affair. For the sake of the singer he left his wife, Ukrainian model Tanya Ruban, from whom he had a son Martin. The lovers everything went perfectly, their children became friends, but after a year and a half Anna and Sergey took the decision to disperse.

      Anna Sedokova about parting with your beloved: “I like cut off a body part”

      “We’ve been through so much together, from collaboration, to our feelings, hot dates, romantic evenings, holiday in the States. It was an awesome time, but in a relationship there is always a moment, after which either all or nothing… When we reach this point, it’s like something snapped. I think the main reason we broke up is distance,” said Anna in an interview with “StarHit”.

      However, to the delight of fans of the stars who considered Sedokova with Humana very beautiful couple, the lovers were able to overcome the crisis and re-start to meet. The singer first went to reconciliation, and wrote to Sergey. They began a new stage in the relationship. Anna has created a family reality show “Compasseco”. The star posted a short video with the participation of children and of the elect in a special account in Instagram.

      At the moment Sedokova fully immersed himself in work. She founded her own LA Story boutiques in Moscow and Los Angeles, and also travels a lot. Work helps her not to lose heart and get away from the memories of those happy days which they spent together with Sergei.

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