Анна Калашникова высказалась о второй беременности At the party dedicated to the upcoming ceremony of the award ceremony MUZ-TV channel, the actress appeared in the dress with a fluffy skirt. Some time ago, the Network appeared rumors about her interesting position. “StarHit” was able to communicate with Anna to know if she is expecting a second child.

Today in Moscow hosted a party for the nominees of the upcoming MUZ TV, which has gathered many stars of Russian show-business. Guests were treated to delicious food and drinks, and on the stage this evening were various musical groups, including Estradarada best remembered for the hit “Vite must go.”

Among the attendees was actress and model Anna Kalashnikova. Recently, in Network, fans of the actress actively discussed her changing figure and assumed that the star is expecting her second child. Everything else, the young woman became increasingly choose voluminous outfits, although previously always emphasized waist line. At the party Anna had not consumed alcohol, and did not participate in incendiary dances, which aroused the suspicion among many of her colleagues and journalists. The correspondent of the “StarHit” talked to the model and clarified the situation.

“I’m finally loved and love itself. I admit, I am very happy! But learning from the past relationship where it was very badly crushed… Now believe that happiness loves silence. With my partner we recently, together, so long as I don’t want to comment on anything that is not yet ready. And think about how I can pregnant if riding horses?” – explained Anna.

By the way, on the days Kalashnikov took part in the project, where she saddled the black horse. Dressed in a Golden gown, the actress would stay firmly in the saddle. According to Anna, she loved to ride.

“Shot today with a wonderful noble steed Muromets! He’s just gorgeous! I not only swept, but decided to stand “candle”, which we did many times! I admit, this is not my first experience with these remarkable creatures and every time I feel confident and comfortable! I think today Believed we found a common language! I recommend everyone at least once in a lifetime to try! So much adrenaline and emotion, a special respect for horses! Put aside your fears and just try it!” – the star shared with followers on the social network page.

Last month was very busy from Kalashnikova. She participated in several photo shoots and recorded a new song. Only a few days she managed to get to rest. Members noted that the shots from Cyprus the star’s shape in a bikini looked more feminine and rounded. “Anya, is it true that you write that you are waiting for a miracle? If so, then congratulations,” “pot belly like a pregnant woman. Anya, you are in position?”, – speculated followers.