«Фабрика звезд» возвращается на телеэкраны The organizers of the show announced the casting of the participants. The project will now be named “New star factory” and not go on the First channel and MUZ-TV. Editors music programs are looking for talented and extraordinary performers.
«Фабрика звезд» возвращается на телеэкраны

15 years ago the country saw the first season of “idol.” Then, to participate in a little-known reality show have called the most courageous and dedicated young men and women. This competition made them famous artists, style icons and sex symbols. Already with the first release of the program it became clear that it will be popular. So, we went eight seasons of the cult music project, the extreme of which is called “Return”. The participants who dropped from sight: how was their fate

Then loyal fans of the show no doubt that will not continue. However, recently in the Internet appeared the message about the casting in the TV program “New star factory”. Despite the obvious similarity of the names, few people recognize in the announced project of the famous show. And many do take the news as a joke. But it turned out that the legendary contest really appear again on the screens.

In addition to innovations in the name of the project, the changes were made and its implementation. So, from now on “Factory of stars” will be aired on the channel MUZ-TV, where he soon will light up young names of domestic show-business. The organizers of the project give anyone a chance to become famous and sing all over the country. At the casting they will select the most able musicians, and then abruptly change their fate. Andrey Malakhov has found the disappeared “manufacturers”

The announcement of a set of “manufacturers” is actively distributed in the public and social network communities. Also launched a promotional video on the official project’s resources. According to records, the editors of the transfer looking for young people aged 15 to 29. Participants must be musical, talented and extraordinary. In addition, the essential criteria is the ability to sing, write lyrics and melodies. The organizers said that contestants will be only 16.

We will remind that earlier graduates of the “Factory” became Polina Gagarina, Elena Temnikova, Stas Pyekha, Irina Dubtsova, Victoria Daineko, Timati and other popular persons of the local scene. Now, many project participants have achieved success not only in Russia but also abroad. In recognition of some of them, that show was a major step on the path to glory.