Orphans have found new parents after the show

Воспитанники детского дома обрели родителей после телешоу A touching story thrilled viewers. The participant of show “You’re super!” on NTV channel – Vostrikova Natalia – had been adopted by the inhabitants of the Voronezh region. After the airing of the program the girl was taken away from a shelter along with her brother and sister.
Воспитанники детского дома обрели родителей после телешоу

15-year-old Natalia Vostrikova viewers remembered through participation in the project of NTV “You’re super!”. Talking about yourself in the air, the girl shared the very dramatic events of life, which had to face not only her, but also her family. A few years ago, a young woman from the city of Glazov of the Udmurt Republic was in the orphanage. In the institution she came right after her father died and her mother began to abuse alcohol. Then the guardianship has decided that kids family Vostrikova will be better in the orphanage. So, Natasha, Daniel, and Anastasia were without parents.

By happy coincidence, in the audience of the transmission was Svetlana and Radik Abdulmanova from the Voronezh region. A tragic story contestants could not leave them indifferent. “I went to the week, and this kid was just in his head. Her words, thoughts, and face,” says foster mom.

Воспитанники детского дома обрели родителей после телешоу

The head of the family, it was decided to take the three children home. Wasting no time, the husband and wife signed all the necessary documents and passed the necessary stages. And now, a few months later, Natasha heard the sacred words from the children’s home caregiver: “your parents came”.

According to most girls, she still can’t believe it really happened. And more recently, preparing for the show in the show, Vostrikova and could not think about this turn of fate. Natalia did not rule out the possibility of adoption of a brother and sister. However, the probability to get into the family categorically denied. Moreover, she did not believe that the adoptive parents will be able to take just three children.

“It seemed to me that there is no chance, because I have a younger. Just first always give kids. I think adults find it difficult to cope. Now I found cool mom and dad who understand and support in difficult times,” says Natasha.
Воспитанники детского дома обрели родителей после телешоу

By the way, Abdulmanova before addition already had nine children, including four adopted. Three years ago the family was the winner at the festival of foster parents in Russia. Then Svetlana, and Radik, admitted that their main task is to heat and cure. According to the woman, now her children are making great strides in sports, music and creativity. She notes that prior to adoption, all thoughts of the boys was limited only to how not to stay hungry.

In preparing the article used materials of Voronezh, VGTRK and NTV.