Anna Kalashnikov missed Mike Tyson

Анна Калашникова пропустила встречу с Майком Тайсоном
The actress and model said what broke her meeting with star Boxing.

Anna Kalashnikova

Photo: Anastasia VEREDINA

Actress and model Anna Kalashinkov missed a meeting with the star of world Boxing Mike Tyson kotoarya was to be held in new York. “I’m part of
the delegation of the business school “synergy” I had to go on
interview to Mike — said Anna. — Within the framework of SYNERGY GLOBAL FORUM, my colleagues and I had scheduled interviews with several world celebrities.

I very carefully prepared, thought through all the questions to Tyson. But
the last time there was problems with the U.S. visa. And I had to stay in Moscow… And an interview with Mike Tyson all
the same will be released, but with the other interviewers…”