Ekaterina Volkova was called 30 dumplings “a light snack”

Екатерина Волкова назвала 30 пельменей «легким перекусом»
Star “Voronin” surprised fans “ravenous” appetite.

Ekaterina Volkova

Photo: Instagram

While many celebrities eat at the “two beans per day”
and tell you how delicious buckwheat soup on the water, Ekaterina Volkova for the joy
fans published on the page in a social network the photo where she is
posing with a plate of dumplings.

“30 dumplings! You’ll burst, child!” — they said!
And I call it a normal snack!” — smiling star “Voronin”. Actress
repeatedly stressed that does not adhere to limitations in food and diets. The secret of its
the ideal figure in serious physical exertion. In an exclusive interview 7days.ru Catherine told me that pumping muscles even when preparing family lunch. Volkova loves to skate, swim, jog… Especially a lot of
time it gives to the forming press.

“Some men love women with bellies, with barrels, and I
love yourself — cubes, — said Ekaterina. I like it when belly
relief pumped… Press do a lot. Even at home, if you had a five
free minutes, clinging with their feet over the edge of the couch and shake. And when preparing,
standing at a table or plate, alternately driving legs back ass up”.