Reese Witherspoon is no longer going to hide their talents

Риз Уизерспун больше не намерена скрывать свои таланты
The actress said that she was tired to pretend that she does not consider himself a superstar.

Reese Witherspoon


Little who earlier doubted the ambition of Reese Witherspoon. But she made a loud statement. Reese, a Hollywood star and successful producer, and this is a rarity among women, and businesswoman who created a thriving company for the production of clothing and accessories has announced that it “no longer intends to portray false humility and apologize for their successes and achievements.” She was born successful and able to achieve their goal, always and everywhere, in any case, so why should I be ashamed of this? Don’t hide men, athletes, for example, as they cool, powerful and successful. And Reese is also this: “I’m driving! I — cool! I can do anything!”

Witherspoon, a mother of three children (her eldest daughter ava 16 years and she is amazingly like her mother, confuse them all the time), I’m sure — even if at the time of the actor’s career has not worked, it certainly would not suffer to live “in the car”, as many do starlet, who dreams unsuccessfully to break into actress, but in vain batswoman Hollywood rapids. No Reese in this case would have gone back to University and would have received a medical education. And sure you don’t become a Hollywood star for forty years been perfectly fine on the post “lead surgeon in a good hospital.” No wonder Reese was able to become a surgeon, because the profession requires great perseverance, endurance and willpower. Well, and talent, of course. All this Witherspoon in excess.

No wonder it’s impossible to forget the role of the student of faculty of law in the hit “Mandinka the law” and its sequel. It turns out, as proudly told Reese, thanks to this film and her character, girls, inspired by it created a nice, but extremely intelligent and quick-witted student, choose the law and years learning things in order to get a prestigious job. Still not a week goes by that the actress has not approached any woman with a confession that became a lawyer after watching “legally Blonde”.

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