Anna Kalashnikov burst into tears, speaking about the father of her child

Анна Калашникова расплакалась, говоря об отце своего ребенка Singer and model became the heroine of the program “really”. Anna Kalashnikov passed the lie detector, to shed light on speculation about the parent of her son Daniel. The young woman said that her ex-lover lives abroad and does not attempt to contact the heir.
Анна Калашникова расплакалась, говоря об отце своего ребенка

Singer and model Anna Kalashnikov became the heroine of the program “really”. To the editor transmission addressed ex-lover of a young woman who claims that he can be the parent of the charming Daniel. It turned out that his statements are not true. The real boy’s father lives abroad and did not attempt to find a common language with Kalashnikova and heir.

Anna did not hide the fact that worried about Daniel. According to singer, the boy needs a father. Kalashnikova has not lost hope that her ex-boyfriend who went to another country because of serious problems ever show up. Speaking about the parent of Daniel, Anna could not hold back emotions. Her eyes were filled with tears.

“I sincerely wish he looked and, maybe, started to communicate with us. Unfortunately, I can’t contribute to this. People live a different life abroad. Our mutual friends didn’t see him the same age as me. I would love to have it at least once looked at the child, he’s beautiful and handsome boy. I think the biological father should at least see his son, to tell him to do or not,” said the model.
Анна Калашникова расплакалась, говоря об отце своего ребенка

Artist and businessman Andrey Kovalev, who is godfather to Daniel, he asked Anna to adopt a child.

“Not because he wants to live with me, and due to the fact that every boy needs a dad. We have a great grandpa and uncle, my brother. But still have to be the person that He called father. And we have in this space, dad’s not. And I really wish he showed up. Not in show, but in life. The only thing I know – he is alive and living somewhere abroad. Saw him in Israel, but in Russia it was not. So, I haven’t seen him in three years. I don’t know, it is bad or good, but he’s a dad,” says the model.
Анна Калашникова расплакалась, говоря об отце своего ребенка

Now she’s happily in a relationship with a wealthy man. He regularly indulges soulmate luxurious gifts, including a car “Bentley” for 20 million roubles. The lovers have been through a lot in 2017, Anna lost the baby. “Dani was supposed to be a sister. I see him as the father of their children,” she said.

Polygraph and psychologist Sabine Pantus analyzed the words of Anna and came to the conclusion that she has a claim to her beloved. “They are quite significant”, – the expert believes. Andrey Kovalev has explained why she offered Kalashnikova to adopt a child.

“History is not very cheerful. I believe that every child should have a mother and father. Godfather I and are responsible for Danya. Anna is very hard-working and hard earning a living. When I said I was ready to adopt a child, came from the fact that sorry… – said Kovalev. I know that man beloved Kalashnikova] is engaged in serious business, Anya told me about it. They really lost a child, it was a tragedy… I have not seen him, I think he has not yet decided whether to Anya”.