Карина Мишулина встретилась с предполагаемым внуком Спартака Мишулина The actress went to Tver. There she tried to talk to Edward, who said earlier that he has some letters from well-known artist. Karina also complained that she faced cruel bullying, and she had to resign from the theatre.
Карина Мишулина встретилась с предполагаемым внуком Спартака Мишулина

In the previous issue of “Andrey Malakhov. Live” Karine of Mishulin was able to declare to the whole country that the results of studies of biological material taken from the costume of her late father Spartak Vasilyevich, can’t be true. In the laboratory, Sweden failed to find any discharge on the clothing of the artist.

The results of the DNA test Timur Yeremeyev turned out to be false

The actor’s daughter came to the Studio program and said that her family literally hunted in the Network. According to her, on her promise to clean up the damage, and I also wish her children to become sick. Karina refuses to communicate with Timur Yeremeyev, who calls himself the son of a movie star, but asks to go through his normal DNA.

Karina asserts that the harassment forced her to leave the theater. “I wrote a statement myself. I don’t want to comment on it. I’m still grateful to this theater,” – said Mishulina.

According to Karina, the words of their family incorrectly interpreted by the public. They are not going to agree to exhume the body of the actor, as this is a very difficult process.

Карина Мишулина встретилась с предполагаемым внуком Спартака Мишулина

Studio guests felt that Karina could get to leave the theater. Another heroine of the broadcast was the widow of Spartaka Mishulina. Valentine admitted that he is not trying to help her daughter to stay in the theater. According to the woman, Karina was even prepared the form of dismissal.

Mishulina said that several times tried to get in touch with Yeremeyev. She claims that they are not misused.

“We found some moment to be able to communicate. I made three attempts. People out of their cells to communicate, refuses, throws mud at me,” added Karina.
Карина Мишулина встретилась с предполагаемым внуком Спартака Мишулина

We will remind, earlier it became known that Eduard Sorokin, living in Tver, took a DNA test along with Timur Yeremeyev. It turned out that they are relatives. Some time ago, Karina and her husband went to the city, where the alleged grandson of Spartaka Mishulina. It is known that they were invited. Meeting with Edward took place in one of the atmosphere. The man claims that everyone noted his phenomenal similarity with Spartacus.

“I’ve seen it all. Pictures. But it is necessary to look, I don’t want to meddle. For me it doesn’t matter. To be honest, I do not care about this history,” said Edward.

After promising to come with the letters, the man ran away from the meeting. When a spouse Karina called him, Edward offered to meet another time.

Residents of Tver claim that they never saw Spartaka Mishulina in their city. According to locals, Vladimir, the supposed son of actor, killed his wife with an axe.

The second trip, Karina was a trip to Vologda, to learn something about the close Eremeeva. However, she failed to talk to Nelly Leonidovna, a relative of Timur. They probably learned Michelino, therefore, refused to communicate with her and called the police.

It turned out that Edward is not even a true son of Vladimir Sorokin. He was born to his wife from another marriage.

Zoya Zelinskaya, the actress of theatre of Satire, says that they saw the boy, who visited the theatre and spoke with Spartacus. “Nobody would it not told my mom Karina,” said the artist.

Zarina, Manenko, a friend of Mishulin, has faced harassment since the previous broadcast. The audience didn’t believe her that she really was in Sweden and took the suit Carlson on re-DNA test.