Тимур Еремеев оправдался за пластическую операцию Some claimed that the actor wanted to be more like Spartaka Mishulina. Experts in the Studio examined the face of Timur Eremeeva and delivered its verdict. Now relatives are waiting for a second DNA test to put an end to the complicated case.
Тимур Еремеев оправдался за пластическую операцию

For almost half a year Timur Yeremeyev has to prove their kinship with the legendary actor Spartak Mishulin. Despite the fact that genetic examination identified that the actor is the heir to the celebrity, Karina Mishulina does not believe the results of the study. In her opinion, the assessment was carried incorrectly. Moreover, she suspects that the results were fabricated. Now they appealed to the European clinic to a re-examination. The results of the DNA test Timur Yeremeyev turned out to be false

In the Network there were rumors that the resemblance of Timur Eremeeva with Spartak Mishulin is the result of surgical intervention. The Studio program “Let them talk” raised the subject. The actor was directly asked this question. In the hall there were several specialists who were able to identify the actor did plastic surgery or not.

“Any cuts on the skin more than two millimeters forms the scars. The absence or presence of the rumen is easy to detect,” said the doctor Amina Chebisheva.
Тимур Еремеев оправдался за пластическую операцию

Experts examined the person of Timur. They reported that the scars left by all who went under the knife, but because experienced professionals it is not difficult to determine whether operation or not.

“On examination no trace of the surgeon of manipulation was found. Moreover, there are no traces of injections,” concluded plastic surgeon Eduard Toman.

Also in the Studio appeared and mom Eremeeva Tatiana. She humorously refers to rumours that have affected the appearance of her son. “Ridiculous,” the woman said. However, she understands the behavior of the Carina, which is so sensitive to the situation. In her opinion, a girl doesn’t make new facts of life of her father.

“There was one mom and dad, was a favorite,” – said Tatiana.

Timur also doesn’t get mad at Karina, despite the fact that still suing her. He doesn’t doubt the positive outcome of the forthcoming study. Experts in the Studio advised the actor to go to the end. Moreover, they insist that Timur took the name of his father.