Anna Kalashnikov bought a luxury apartment in Europe

Анна Калашникова приобрела шикарную квартиру в Европе Celebrity and bought the property as a gift to relatives for the New year. Anna Kalashnikov said “StarHit” how they are going to spend the holidays and what surprises are prepared for the family. It turned out that the young mother has big plans for the holidays.
Анна Калашникова приобрела шикарную квартиру в Европе

Anna Kalashnikov began preparations for the New year for a few months before the celebration. Festive night, the singer met in Courchevel. But the following January, the star will hold the family at the big table. The company intends to prepare a variety of dishes to sum up the past year and set goals for the future, as well as watch well-known films. The artist admitted that he had been able to make many important plans in 2017.

“I was able to make a contribution to housing in Europe for the whole family to Danushka could spend the winter in warmth. In January we will go there to watch, to equip, to purchase the furniture and interior details. There will celebrate Christmas. Favorite have participated financially and promised to help close the loan. New apartment for sale located in Spain on the beach. I have long dreamed about it. Want soon my son was able to go to a local kindergarten to teach two languages at once and play your favorite football,” – said Kalashnikov.

In addition, the star is planning to purchase housing in Moscow. A young woman confessed that for several months, chooses a new estate in the prestigious district of the capital. Anna responsibly approached the selection and advance to learn the location. Near the future apartment is a businesswoman there is a Park, kindergartens, schools and educational centers. Celebrity plans to escort the heir to class.

“I, as always, with great trepidation Sonny chose the gifts. Under the tree this year he will find many surprises: most soft dog, interesting machine, a bunch of new clothes, toys and different balls is his biggest passion! Also asked for favorite something… I Want to update a little brother or sister” – says Kalashnikov.

Ahead of you young mothers have to travel in early January, Anna flies to the Caribbean. The purpose of the trip is to establish useful business contacts. The model plans to visit the most picturesque places of the Islands, beaches, sports, and social events.

“I will go to the regatta together with the delegation of the business school. It will be a real ocean adventure! Thanks to such events can make a huge number of useful contacts” – happy star.