Солистка группы «ВИА Гра» готовится к свадьбе On new year’s eve artistka has released a video message in which fans noticed the big diamond ring on the ring finger of the left hand, very like a wedding. Eric Herceg congratulations with a shotgun wedding.

The blonde of the group’s producer Konstantin Meladze, “VIA Gra” Eric Herceg this year will be 30 years old. Beauty with great vocal talent became the lead singer of the female trio in 2013, taking first place in show “Hochu V VIA GRU”. Like all ex-girlfriends of this group, Eric carefully hides his personal life, although I like to share other stories and photos in the microblog. Eric often posts images from svoii brother, colleagues on the stage, but avoids frames with them. So the fans have to guess who Herceg gave my heart to, but what girl in love, many have realized.

New year’s eve Erica Herceg published a tradition for many stars a video message in which he wished everyone only one thing – love.

“Dear friends! Love and be loved. Because love is probably the most important thing in life,” said Erica.

Attentive fans have noticed in the video a beautiful ring on the ring finger of the left hand Erica. Fans have concluded that the singer is going to marry. “Erica, you’re very good. Your husband will be lucky to have you!” – texted her.

Eric, who does not comment on his personal life, two years ago, admitted that he experienced betrayal and it is difficult for me to trust men. Then she was very worried, because I broke up with a close young man who, as she told the Ukrainian TV channel “1+1”, cheated on her.

“We broke up, he had another, he dumped me, out of love, all. The first two months were difficult, because we met more than three years, but now all of the other girls supported me, now a lot of work, Affairs” — shared the actress.

Fans of the band “Viagra” sure Eric will find happiness. The girl has a beautiful appearance and strong-willed character. Herceg Hungarian nationality until the age of majority only spoke their native language. Now she not only sings, but also speaks Russian, and few who hear the beautiful foreign accent. In addition, beauty with model data, in 17 years, was chubby, weighed 80 pounds. In 2008, just 8 months Eric has lost over 30 pounds and three years later to work in the modeling business, advertising lingerie and pose Nude for men’s magazines.