The former wife of Roman Abramovich ran away to celebrate the holidays with new boyfriend

Бывшая жена Романа Абрамовича сбежала отмечать праздники с новым бойфрендом Gallery owner and ex-lover of billionaire Dasha Zhukova went with friends to travel to Latin America. In General many of them were seen Greek millionaire Stavros Niarhos, with whom a young woman attributed to a novel.

In August 2017, the founder of the Museum of modern art “Garage” Dasha Zhukova and billionaire, former Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous district Roman Abramovich announced the divorce. In marriage they lived for ten years, the couple has two older children, son Aaron and daughter Leah. All the years of life together, Zhukova and Abramovich spent a lot of time together, often went out, celebrated all the holidays. Including New year, on the occasion of which Abramovich staged a noisy party in his estate on the Caribbean island of Saint Barts. Last holiday was no exception: for guests sang sir Paul McCartney, who also has a Villa in this place.

2018 former spouses met separately. Dasha Zhukova went to the Amazon forest with friends – old friend Derek Blasberg, supermodel Karlie Kloss and her boyfriend Josh Kushner, an American jeweler Jennifer Meyer and others. Children in the photo were noted, so fans concluded that they were left in the care of Roman Abramovich. However, Dasha rarely shows children the public. But among those who raft on the river along with Zhukova, the General picture was seen Stavros Niarhos III, which Zhukova is credited with the novel.

Dasha Zhukova and heir to the richest of the Greek name Stavros Niarhos III know for a long time the only official joint photo was taken in 2014. But almost immediately after the representatives of Abramovich and Zhukova announced their breakup a week later there were reports that the relationship Dashi with the Greek hunk has changed, and now they’re not just friends. Western paparazzi were following the couple and they were able to “catch” Dasha and Stavros on a date at a new York cafe this fall. But Russian media cited the words of a famous secular journalist Bozena Rynska, which hinted at the fact that he knows who Zhukov is found and described a young man with similar facial features to Stavros.

“Not telling and not asking… It’s beautiful and big-nosed. As a young Abramovich, but more and more beautiful” – written by Bozena in the social network.

Stavros Niarhos – the heir to the richest European business Empire, the grandson of the largest shipowner in whose honor and called the young man. Niarhos studied in Paris, Hawaii and new York. He’s 32, he works for the family business, he enjoys cinema and collecting. Young, beautiful, rich Stavros – hero frequent gossip. He had a relationship with famous Hollywood Babes – Lindsay Lohan, Mary-Kate Olsen, Paris Hilton. An affair with Swedish Princess Madeleine no confirmations are received. And who knows if there will be any official statements about current media speculation about his new romance with ex-wife Abramovich Dasha Zhukova.