Anna Grachevsky not allowed to leave Thailand

Анну Грачевскую не выпускают из Таиланда The presenter is stuck on the Peninsula because of expired passports daughter Vasilisa. Anna Grachevsky with your child missed the Thai border, a celebrity could not fly home. When she returns to Moscow, is still unknown.

TV host EN TV Anna Grachevskaya, along with her husband, sports agent and former basketball player Artem Kuzyakina and daughter from her marriage to Boris Grachevsky Vasilisa held in Thailand for more than three weeks. The presenter and her family enjoyed their stay – every day, sunbathed and swam, visited Buddhist temples, tasted exotic foods, studied the fauna of Asia – went into a cage with a tiger, swam with the dolphins experienced their nerves, “getting acquainted” with crocodiles. Anna reported to the followers in Integrum almost daily exposing photos and videos. So on the day of departure, Sunday, February 18, Anna has posted a video in stories, which is seen as her husband and daughter go to the sea: “let it be according to tradition, to once again return to this heavenly place,” commented a picture of a TV presenter.

However, back it went much faster than count on that, Anne. Her daughter was not allowed out of the country. It turned out that the passport Vasilisa Grachevskoe expired – or rather, the action of the document ends on the day of departure.

“We have not released… we Have had problems with Vasilisa’s passport. The thing is that when we were released with this document, then nobody told us that we cannot leave today because the expiry date of the passport ends on this day. Today is Sunday, so we’ll have to wait until Monday to appeal for help to the Consulate. For the first time faced with this situation… Thank God we have friends who sheltered us and help us,” Anna said.

Grachevskaya lamented only that expensive tickets are, alas, burned, and now have to buy a new one. But the presence of the spirit, the presenter does not lose and even jokes that leave the child, and most to leave is not an option. “I really miss… Hope that everything will be decided soon, and we will fly home to Moscow, to our favorite cold,” wrote Anna.