Olga Rapunzel in a rage due to the popularity of the younger sister

Ольга Рапунцель в ярости из-за популярности младшей сестры Cousin had a big fight. Olga Rapunzel totally pleased the fact that the project “Dom-2” came her sister Alena. She is afraid that because of the new girl will drop her popularity.

Very soon Olga Rapunzel mom becoming a mother. Now the young woman is trying to rest more and spends all his free time with her husband. To the popular party telestroke came her sister Alena. The girl immediately appeared in the epicenter of male attention and had an affair with llya Habarovym.

As it turned out, everything that happens does not like Olga. She had a big fight with my sister. Alena believes that the anger caused by her cousin jealousy and envy.

“Olga is a Keeper. She’s a star, and always has been. It should attract all the attention, and I came in and the attention it drew. Maybe she is experiencing, because one wants to be a star. It has always been, and perimeter. I’m her sister, Yabbarov — her ex, her house — her room — her too. And here come some sister,” said Alena.

Despite the conflict with the loved one, the girl is not going to leave the “House-2”. She hopes to build love and become not less popular than the sister.

Olga herself prefers not to comment on a painful subject. In her Instagram there are only pictures of a happy family with her husband. Fans of Rapunzel, the eldest is sure that she shouldn’t worry, because hardly anyone will be able to take away from her popularity and love of the viewers.

A relative of the stars “House-2” ready to forgive his sister. Now Alena is very hurt because of the insults Rapunzel is older, but still expects that they will be able to find a common language.

“Olga, we had a huge fight and at the moment do not communicate at all. She really hurt me. I like her sister, of course, love, but now I very painful heart, she insulted me”, – said Alena.

Earlier the girl had to face criticism from the audience. Many fans of the TV show compared her with some porn star, to which Alena is supposedly very very similar. Rapunzel was quick to refute any speculation. She noted that she never starred in adult films.

Now sister Olga is absorbed by building new relationships and meeting other members. Communicating with portal “Dom2 Life” she said that after birth, the elder sister certainly kinder to her, and the conflict will be settled.