Netizens discuss the Zadornov’s blog, which is updated after his death

Пользователи Сети обсуждают блог Задорнова, который обновляется после его смерти The project the comedian is still functioning. LiveJournal Mikhail Zadornov is still laid out jokes. Fans of men are wondering about who is the author of these posts, and how they should react.

Mikhail Zadornov, died 10 November 2017 after a long battle with cancer. It was a real shock to fans. However, the blog men continued to function after his death. There appear regularly jokes written in the traditional style of comedian.

Popular blogger Michael Nefedov decided to comment on what is happening. He said that previously collaborated with Zadornov. According to him, the comedian wanted to create a bot, a special computer program that would write jokes, and after his death.

“For some time I was even advised Mikhail Nikolayevich on the promotion of the blog. And once he asked me a very strange question and asked me to recommend a proven programmer, making it clear that he studied artificial intelligence. I hooked him up with a friend and then realized, they began to work together,” wrote Nefedov.

Michael argues that in each new blog post is encrypted the words “I robot”. This, in his view, proves the existence of a special program that writes jokes.

Profile Zadornov do often published funny write. While in all other social networks there is no information about what is happening. Previously, the daughter of the stars Elena disowns mysterious records, noting that none of the relatives was not involved in them.

Fans on-to a miscellaneous reacted to the emergence of new records on behalf of Zadornov. Some of them suggested that a blog other comedians, and others decided that the case really involved a bot. Surprisingly, the posts are laid out from the woman’s face.

“It’s a robot writes. Every post in the third paragraph, the first letters can be read “I robot”. Cool,” “the writing Style changed markedly,” “Maybe it’s old jokes Zadornov publish? Don’t understand anything” – opinions of fans of comedian.

Recall that the funeral of Mikhail Zadornov was held on 15 November 2017 in Jurmala. The actor wanted his grave was in the cemetery near Jaundubulti father. Three days before this took place the farewell ceremony. Despite the fact that it took place behind closed doors, at the entrance of the morgue brought together hundreds of fans men. Eventually, fans managed to say goodbye to idol and to lay flowers.