На Анну Грачевскую напали в бараке Celebrity did not expect such a relationship. On the set of she had some time to live in a foreign family. Anna Grachevskaya thought that the experiment would take such an unexpected turn. Fortunately, she was not seriously injured.

      На Анну Грачевскую напали в бараке

      Recently, over beautiful wedding of Anna Grachevskii with her lover, a basketball player Artem Kuzyakina. For the wedding the husband gave the lady a truly generous gift. Anna has become the mistress of a private island in Malaysia. Each basketball player was told to “StarHit” that Kuzyakin spent three million rubles for an unusual gift for the woman you love. Anna Grachevskaya married a second time. PHOTO

      Apparently, Grachevskaya decided to compare your life with how others live family. She decided to take part in the program “Rublevo-Biryulyovo” and for some time to leave her husband and a few days to live in a foreign family. However, Anna didn’t expect a bold experiment to take so sudden a turn.

      As it turned out, the new house Grachevskoe was more like a barracks. At the sight of the apartment in which she had become mistress Anna came to real horror. However, this was not the worst that waited for her during filming. Representatives of the utilities, who knew nothing about the program, began to demand from Anna to repay the debt of 50 thousand rubles. Despite the fact that Grachevskaya had no relationship to the problems in the family, she decided to investigate the situation. Anna demanded to document the debt, but the housing is not intended to provide any proof. The conflict flared up stronger and even spilled over into a fight. Fortunately, Grachevskaya received no serious injuries.

      На Анну Грачевскую напали в бараке

      Most likely, in these difficult minutes, Anna reminisced about her husband who would not allow such a situation and, of course, not let anyone a similar relationship to a beloved wife. Many still remember the oath he gave Artyom during the wedding ceremony. He never tired of repeating how happy to associate their lives with Grachevskoe.

      “It happened that God gave me such a person. It seems to me, there is no such equal. Many times I told her, and early this morning sent a text message, saying that she’s amazing, such is not the case. I am very happy that we’re together, that we rejoice that all of their relatives gathered with us on this occasion. I love you madly!” – these words of love uttered Kuzyakin at the marriage ceremony.

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