Валерию Николаеву грозит пять лет тюрьмы A criminal case is pending in court. Valery Nikolaev is accused of use of violence against a representative of authorities. In February, the actor will arrange road accident in Central Moscow. After the incident, the artist spent ten days in the detention center.

      Валерию Николаеву грозит пять лет тюрьмы

      At the end of winter the name of Valery Nikolaev did not descend from the pages of scandalous chronicle. The actor hit a woman crossing the road. The victim was taken to hospital with numerous bruises. The artist did not make any attempts to help the woman. After this incident, Nikolaev was declared wanted. The traffic police noticed his car in the center of Moscow on the following day. On requirements to stop the car Nikolaev didn’t react. Police had to use spike tape. However, after stopping the actor took the time to communicate with employees of traffic service. He did not get out of the car and pressed on the gas, despite the fact that before the hood was a police officer and tried to stop him from leaving. The traffic police had to break the glass of the car of the actor to make Nikolaev to leave the car.

      Valery Nikolaev detained after the accident

      In the incident, Valery spent ten days in the detention center. And now it will take the matter to judicial bodies. The star of the series “Bourgeois’s birthday” threatens till five years of imprisonment.

      “The court received the criminal case concerning Valery Nikolaev, who is accused of use of violence against a representative of authorities”, – said the press-Secretary of the Presnensky court of Moscow Anastasia Pyleva.
      Валерию Николаеву грозит пять лет тюрьмы

      The actor is charged under article 318 of the Criminal code “Application of violence concerning the representative of authority”. As punishment can be applied the penalty to 200 thousand roubles, or arrest up to six months, or deprivation of liberty for a term up to five years.

      Problems with the law have also caused discord in his family. The artist’s wife published a video where Nikolaev admitted his guilt and repented for what he did.

      “I appeal to anyone who has followed the recent events in my life. I’m really sorry. For a long time I was in a deep state of stress, suffered from insomnia and nervous tension. In my mind, apparently, messed up the lives of the characters on the screen and real life. And with the role of a normal person I can’t handle. Now the experts help to give me back the psychological and moral health. I see and understand that was out of line, especially against police officers who acted within the law,” – said Valery.

      As reported TASS, Nikolaev during the investigation was under recognizance not to leave.

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