Звезды поддержали Исинбаеву после решения суда Russian athletes will not take part in the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro. Today it became known that the claim of the athletes was rejected. Now in a prestigious competition for the gold medal will compete representatives of other countries.

      The news about the participation of Russian athletes at the upcoming Olympics in Rio de Janeiro with a sinking heart watched by the whole country. After the doping scandal involving athletes of our country, it was decided to suspend the national team from participation in the prestigious event. The decision of the Council of the International Association of athletics federations about the non-admission of Russian athletes has been appealed to the Olympic Committee of Russia in court. However, today it became known that the claim was rejected.

      Now, our team athletics competitions at the 2016 Olympics will not take part. Yelena Isinbayeva, one of the world’s strongest athletes in pole vaulting, was planning to retire after taking part in a major international tournament. Despite the fact that her blood doping was not discovered, she is forced to miss competitions.

      “Been there, done hope. Let all these pseudocyst foreign athletes exhaled with relief and win their pseudosolenia medals in our absence. The power was always afraid,” wrote Isinbayeva in his microblog.

      Many celebrities are not left out of this sad news. They found the decision extremely unfair. “For this great athlete was sick the whole world, borders were erased, everyone not rooting for a specific country and for the world legend of the sport! The ratings would be through the roof, and now I have no interest in watching athletics, the Olympics in Rio, the distance shot by the great athletes of the world – the Russian team! Wild injustice,” wrote Yana Rudkovskaya. Wife supported the two-time Olympic figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko. He like nobody else understands how much effort and time athletes to prepare for major competitions. The skater expressed outrage at the decision of the Olympic Committee.

      Even before the court decision, Elena does not lose hope to participate in the Olympics. The athlete trained very hard and very carefully watched what she had to eat to avoid any possibility of contact with food of unknown drugs.

      “Drinking water only from bottles, which only opens itself, eating at home or eating packaged food, checked, brought close. Better safe than sorry is all precautions, as it is very dangerous to take something you’re not sure. And yet she, like everyone keeps mode, but unlike the male half of the team in the intima itself does not limit,” – said the “StarHit” friend sportswomen and Olympic champion in athletics Tatiana Lebedev.

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