Anna Grachevskaya went under the surgeon’s knife to increase buttocks

Анна Грачевская легла под нож хирурга, чтобы увеличить ягодицы

Follow the fashion it is sometimes very difficult. Especially if we are talking about our modern world, where a large popularity increased fifth point (and, as in women and men). Someone for the sake of achieving rounded shapes spends hours in the gym squatting and doing other exercises to develop the gluteus Maximus, somebody decides to follow a more simple way and goes to a plastic surgeon.

So, another girl who wanted to make the priest more and more rounded was the former wife of the “father” Yeralash Boris Grachevsky Anna Grachevskaya.

As it turned out, can wait a long time to consider its decision Anna did not. Operation has passed in one of clinics of St.-Petersburg under the direction of Dr. Timur Nugaev.

“The first phase was the fence of adipose tissue of those places that Anne considered problematic. Then we created two pockets for the implants and put them in there. Also we did patient have liposuction in the abdomen, waist and hips. Anna specially “spoilt”, so we can borrow from her fat tissue. The whole operation lasted 7 hours,” the surgeon told reporters.

I wonder how soon Grachevskaya boast a new figure?

By the way, while some where something is added, others removed. For example, Alena Vodonaeva has recently reduced the volume of the breast.