Суррогатная мать родит ребёнка Софии Вергаре и Джо Манганьелло уже этой весной

Highest paid Electrica Sofia Vergara is expecting a baby. According to the publication RadarOnline.com 44-year-old actress, who just celebrated 39 years beloved husband Joe Manganiello, told friends that their surrogate mother is pregnant, and it means that next year they will become parents.

“Sofia and Joe found the perfect surrogate in California. She’s already pregnant and in the spring they will have a child” — said the insider.
Sophia already has a grown son, but for Manganiello this baby will be born first. And he and she in the seventh heaven from happiness and anticipation of future parental responsibilities.
“Sofia and Joe are extremely happy. They don’t care what the sex is of the baby, if only he was healthy. Sofia is already preparing for the birth of the baby and plans to convert them to housing” — said the insider.
Recall that the ex-boyfriend of Sofia Nick Loeb gives her life and won’t leave alone. Since their breakup in 2013, the businessman begs, and even suing Sofia for the use of the two female embryos that are left over from their futile attempts to become parents. Vergara does not allow this, because it turns out that her biological children would be educated without it, but it is at least strange. Nick even gave the names of these embryos and hopes for indulgence of Sofia. These children – his hope to become a father. Why did he not take my chances with another woman, remains unknown.