Jude law has not seen my daughter in over a year

Джуд Лоу не видел дочь больше года

Hollywood hunk Jude law boasts a long and fascinating history of his adventures, but only in respect of his children nothing to write home about. So, my seven year old daughter Sofia actor not seen for nearly a year and a half. It is a small copy lives with her mother, a waitress in Florida, but Jude never found time to visit the baby.

“Jude is seen with Sofia only once a year, but the last time they saw each other in September 2015, when she and her mother visited in London. Several times they were at his house in new York and Europe, but as far as I know, he never came to see him in Florida..
Sofia is a real angel! She knows who her father is and loves him. She is a beautiful little girl who really, really loved,” said a friend of the girl’s mother Samantha Burke.
Jude met Sophia’s mother during the filming of “Sherlock Holmes”. For the maintenance of his daughter, he is paying every month six thousand dollars, and according to the agreement signed with the girl’s mother, eighteen years, this amount together with school fees, private tuition and medical insurance will be $ 2.5 million.