Anna Grachevskaya turned to a plastic surgeon

Анна Грачевская вновь обратилась к пластическому хирургу The presenter changed the shape of the face. Doctor Hayk Babayan supported the aspirations of Anna Grachevskii to the perfect appearance. Woman dreams of becoming perfect. Apparently, her husband Artem Kuzyakin only too glad of the efforts of lady.
Анна Грачевская вновь обратилась к пластическому хирургу

TV presenter Anna Grachevskaya is very demanding to her appearance and strives for excellence in a variety of ways. Recently, she again asked for help of a specialist in beauty. She went to a plastic surgeon Nut Babayan, who was entrusted to his face and body celebrities such as Lou Ferrigno, Masha Malinovskaya, Anna Kalashnikova, Maria Pogrebnyak, Anastasia Stotskaya and other stellar beauties.

“On the Nut Babayan I heard a long time ago and only good. So I decided to ask him for help. I needed to adjust the shape of the face. It’s not just a fad. I am a presenter and I need to look perfect. After all, the camera instantly detects all the faults that are invisible in everyday life. They are particularly noticeable in close-UPS. I’m very glad that Hayk was able to help me solve the problem,” said Anna.
Анна Грачевская вновь обратилась к пластическому хирургу

To improve the oval face, the doctor decided with the help of masonite. “I don’t think now Anna needs a lift. She’s still young, and I believe that it is quite simple cosmetic intervention”, – said Babayan.

But she Grecheskaya was not against going under the surgeon’s knife. As admitted by the presenter, she often think about rhinoplasty.

“I’d love to change the shape of the nose. Morally I am already ready for this. Really still know where and when I’ll do it. Because the recovery will take at least two weeks, and I’m very busy,” said Anna.

Not long ago, the woman resorted to surgery to increase the buttocks. Anna is not shy to talk about the manipulation of his own body. She does not see anything reprehensible in that, to change appearance, thanks to advances in modern medicine. In the beginning of the year Grachevskaya increased buttocks and gladly boasted of the results of the brilliant work of a doctor on the tropical beaches.