Шарлиз Терон скрывала убийство отца The Hollywood star gave a Frank interview in which he decided to broach a very difficult topic. Charlize Theron shared tragic memories of childhood. In recognition of blondes, that fateful day, she remembered for a lifetime.
Шарлиз Терон скрывала убийство отца

41-year-old actress Charlize Theron recently shocked by a Frank recognition. Hollywood star decided to reveal details of his troubled childhood. A celebrity openly spoke about what he witnessed the hardships of her psyche incident that happened when she was little.

In recognition of Charlize, her father regularly abused alcohol. In such moments the man was out of control.

“My father was a binge alcoholic. He threatened us with mom. I lived in constant fear. Who wants to remember?” – said a celebrity.

Once Charles Theron so much touched that has caused serious concerns of their relatives. In self-defense parent Charlize decided to use the weapon. Frightened Gerda first pulled the trigger, fearing the actions of an angry wife threatening to bring with them scores.

“Mom shot him, because otherwise he would have to deal with us. All these years I tried to convince myself that nothing happened. I’ve almost learned how not to think about it” – shared the actress.

Then the mother of the famous actress held court. However, the jury sided with the oppressed women and it completely paid off.

For a long time Charlize Theron was hiding the reason why her father died. According to Hollywood stars, it took her years to cope with anxiety that emerged after the tragic events. The actress visited a therapist who helped her to overcome themselves.

“After the death of a parent I felt terrible. (…) I just pretended like nothing happened. I didn’t want to tell anyone about it. When someone asked what happened to my father, I said he died in a car accident. Who would want to share such a story?” – asks the actress.

During the conversation with journalists Charlize also said that he admires the courage of a mother Gerda, who alone was able to bring up her child. “I have a strong mom, she is my source of inspiration! Mother never went to therapy. Just admit to yourself that something horrible has happened, and then made the choice to sink or float on, and chose the latter,” added the blonde.

As for his personal life Theron, the star prefers to hide her from prying eyes. In a recent interview, the celebrity said that Dating one man, who managed to win her heart. According to Charlize, her new choice – “a great guy” with a great sense of humor.