Глюк’oZа созналась в странных комплексах The singer complex about appearance, but says he won’t give up. She is uncomfortable to go without makeup, and the figure, according to her, is not ideal. Fans Glucose are puzzled and say that the star is too critical to put.
Глюк’oZа созналась в странных комплексах

Singer Natalia Ionova – the favorite of millions of Russians. Star impersonating and trying to be like her, because for many it is the icon of style and beauty. However Glyuk’oza is not as smooth as it seems at first glance. It turns out that it is not always feels attractive. Despite an army of admirers, she, like all people have complexes. For example, the star is not comfortable to go outside without makeup, because then she feels “naked”.

“Before, a lot of it was to his questions, could not do, and only recently I learned to accept myself for who I am, says Natalie. – Of course, there is something not satisfied, because there is no limit to perfection, but it’s not a global thing. For example, if I want to pay attention to the buttocks, then I go to the gym, and not just sit on the couch with a scowl”.

To look always fresh, the artist follows all the nuances that are somehow related to the facial. For example, she can’t afford to go to sleep with make-up, tans little and often changing hair. And sometimes it requires the “seal rest”.

“I love Hamam, besides the fact that I’m just spending some time there, rest, relax and forget any problems and greatly affects the beauty of my skin, – says Natalia.- She was gentle as a child, first apply a scrub with exfoliating granules, and then the cream. Will put on my pajamas and feel completely renewed, lie down on the sofa, take a Cup of delicious tea with jam, and everything seems not so bad, for example, if there was some kind of tough day.”

The Glucose showed a perfect handstand. Under the picture, posted on the microblog, she candidly wrote that dissatisfied with their current form. The reason is the large amount of work. The singer is now quite a busy schedule: preparing for the festivals, new filming, concerts and records new songs. “But I’m not giving up,” said star and said that she will strive to the ideal.

Glyuk’oza fans always support their favourite, and saying that to them she is beautiful every day. According to them, the star refers to himself unnecessarily critical.

“Natalia, what are you doing about yourself? You’re so beautiful! An example to many!”, “Natochka, I love you very much. You are in perfect shape. Thanks for that reveal the secrets of beauty”, “keep it up, you are very beautiful!” – writing on Instagram of the singer’s fans.

The singer says that it is unlikely to ever become a brunette. One of the experiments with hair color and one has already failed.

“For one of his clips I had to dye my hair black, says Glyuk’oza magazine Woman.ru. No one has recognized me, it just shied away, so I soon returned to its usual way. I’m a natural blonde, this is the natural color, which finally broke through gidroperitny thorns. I value it very much, but sometimes I can make a few strands of darker or lighter”.